• SI, NI 부문

    SI,NI Div.

    • KT Regular Partner : Chungbuk province dedicated.
    • Chungcheong Regional Partner(Optical transmission, Network, Power for Telecom.)
    • (MSPP, PTN, PoTN, DOCS, DOTS, FM-Optic)
    • SI,NI project : Chungbuk Fire Department, Chongbuk Provincial Office, Chungbuk Office of Education, Cheongju-City
    • Network, Telecom, Transmission Construction & Maintenance
    • Power for Network, telecom. Construction & Maintenance
    • Development of communication and network equipment
    • Fusion of technology and process, for innovation
  • 태양광 부문

    Solar Div.

    • Solar tracking system(dual, single axis)
    • Commercial Solar plant development(RPS project)
    • Solar & Environment Monitoring System
    • Registered company in KOREA ENERGY AGENCY Partner Company
    • Korean Gov. Public shopping mall
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  • Mini DC UPS 부문

    DC UPS Div.

    • For prepare Power Outage, Power Shutdown, ELB trap
    • Provide 5V,9V,12V,24V,48V Max 2~20A
    miniXEN page →
  • R&D 위탁 연구개발 부문

    R&D Consignment perform Div.

    • Telecom, Network, Power control Tech. based
    • Development for renewable energy devices
    • Development for geotechnical measuring devices